Slate Therapeutics

About us

Slate Therapeutics develops drug device combination product for the treatment of chronic sinusitis; our vision is to help Sinusitis patients to heal faster & better for longer periods. We intend to overcome the limitations of other alternative treatments by providing durable therapeutic treatment of the sinuses locally without the need for leaving any implant behind.

The need

5-12 percent of the world population suffer from Sinusitis (Over 30 million in the US alone), and treatment for the condition is sub-par. It relies on ineffective nasal sprays and, when this fails, turns to Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS). While the surgery relieves symptoms, disease recurrence is common. Companies use biodegradable sinus implants for drug delivery to improve the outcome of sinus surgeries. However, these implants are uncomfortable and come with risks, such as swallowing the implant, pain/pressure/headache, and foreign body response, including granulation tissue formation. Furthermore, they may require the use of saline irrigations and nasal sprays to keep the implant moist. Other solutions, such as drug-coated balloons have failed, due to the complex architecture of sinus cavities.

Companies recognize the need to deliver sinus solutions without an implant but have failed to do so successfully

Our technology

Slate Therapeutics develops a novel “Effervescent Foam System” consisted of nano structured MF delivered locally into every sinus via dedicated delivery device during office and surgical procedures.

The Foam allows sustained drug delivery directly to the nasal mucosa w/o an implant.

Foam is an excellent space-filling and able to conform to discrepant anatomy; the efficient contact with body cavity results in efficient tissue treatment (was confirmed in preclinical studies).

The foam will be administered into the nasal cavity using a novel delivery system which is designed to be compatible with Endoscopic and FESS delivery lumen and suitable for foam generation. 

The Market 

  • Sinus inflammatory disorder affects 5-12% of the world population; results in ~600K sinus surgeries/ year in the US alone.
  • Most chronic sinusitis patients fail conventional medical treatment (nasal sprays), but do not get surgery.
  • The treatment address both the Surgical as well as the more significant preventative markets
  • Global Sinus Market is forecasted to reach $50B in 2024.


  • Amal Ayoub (CEO)– Founder, CEO& CTO of Metallo Therapy a pharmaceutical startup company that was established at NGT (2010-2016). BA in Physics from the Technion and a Master of Science, Ph.D., and Postdoctoral Fellow in Biomedical Engineering from Ben-Gurion University.
  • Gary Binyamin, PhD (Co-Founder)- General Manager of G Vascular USA; CSO of Tech, TriReme Medical; CEO, Neodyne Biosciences; Discovery Eng, Galileo Pharma;, Fellowship, Stanford, PhD. UT Austin, BSc. Univ of Illinois
  • Eran Vickus (Co-Founder, BOD)- CEO & co-founder of Rev-Medical Inc; founder of Vmedical, CEO & CCO, Angioslide; S&M, UltraShape, R&D Eng., KST Dynamics; QA specialist, Adante Medical. MBA and a Biomedical Eng. From Tel Aviv and Ben Gurion Universities
  • Tanhum Feld (Co-Founder) – Co-founder & CDO, SanoV; co-founder & CDO, Trireme Medical; co-founder & CDO Quattro Vascular; Founder, Angioscore. MSc. Technion Israel Institute of Technology.
  • Esmira Naftali, PhD (Formulator) – 27+ years of operational and CMC and drug development experience within the pharmaceutical industry (Teva, Bioline, NeuroDerm, Kahr Medical, Biosight and Zion Medical). Holds a PhD in Biochemistry from Latvian University, Riga.
  • Mahmoud Majdoob (Chemist)– Holds BSc and MSc in Chemistry from the Technion.


Contact information

Dr. Amal Ayoub, CEO

Mobile: +972-54-598-9196

Office: +972-4-609-8602

Fax: +972-4-609-8600